My Story--Written June 13, 1986, on a first edition Macintosh computer

I, Marilyn Taggart Giles, having been born of goodly parents, do proceed to take mouse in hand and give an accounting of my sojourn on earth.  My days have been long and full upon the land, and it behooveth me to write this record much in the manner of my forefathers, that is, full of redundancies, cliches, boring facts, and unlimited typoes.

And it came to pass in the year of 1953, in the humble state known as Idaho that I was born into my family.  There was great rejoicing in the land because I was born on April 15th and became a welcome tax deduction, as there were indeed many heavy taxes levied upon the heads of the citizens.  Wherefore my father did labor in the land as a farmer and did struggle to bring forth fruits from the earth and all manner of animal life.  And I did feed the cows in my youth and did wax fragrant to my mother.

But behold, the wolves did begin to howl at the door (as well as the I.R.S.), and we did leave the joys of farming behind.  And, we did take up our tents, and our Tupperware and our Zenith Black and White TV and did make our way from the farm into various and sundry metropoli of southern Idaho.  And it came to pass that my father did labor for the Department of Agriculture in the land, and we did spend our days in pursuit of any joys that could be had in the land of Idaho, these joys being lost to modern civilization as we know it.  And I, Marilyn, being of simple ways, did run and skip and did raise from puppyhood my dog, Schwartzie.  And I was taught somewhat in the language of my fathers in school and did devour with lust several books a week.

And I, Marilyn, did pass up through the ranks of the system and did one day take leave from my family.  And I did journey to the land of Jackson Hole northward and did labor all the days of the summers in bringing forth food and all manner of sustainment to those afflicted with hunger.  Yea, I did rejoice exceedingly when they did tip me!  And I did frolic in the Tetons, and did fish, and did pedal the bicycle with which I was blessed.

And the days were accomplished that I should take leave of this blissful abode, and I did deliver myself to the clutches of the Kingdom of the South, yea verily even the house of Brigham Young University.  Wherefore, I did indeed fight for my individuality and singlehood among so many of my kind and amidst so much MARRYment!

But behold, it came to pass that I did one day receive word from the prophet that it was expedient that I should indeed take my tent and electric curlers and frumpy clothes and journey into the land of North Carolina to bring them the Word. And I did labor all the days of eighteen months in bringing to pass the work for which I was sent.  And I did cry much into the night over the souls of those stubborn Baptists and did not cease to knock on their doors and pet their dogs and eat their chicken and grits.  And my soul did delight in the whole thing all the days of my laboring even though I did occasionally kicketh against the pricks.

And I did return to Happy Valley and did continue in my learning.  But behold, my guard was down and I did fall, yea heavily, for a son from the Land Bountiful or California.  And we did combine our tents, and even though the "stakes" were high, did take an oath of allegiance and an oath of poverty, yea, how serious of an oath of poverty we knoweth not at the time.  For behold, Chris did not seek to till the earth as his forefathers, but did seek to tinkle the ivories.  And he had tinkled the ivories all the days of his life.
And we did take our tent into the wilderness and did journey in the wilderness for the space of six years, seeking learning from all manner of institutions in Indiana to the east and even to the land of Armadilloes to the south in pursuit of the knowledge necessary to tinkling of the ivories.

And it came to pass that while we sojourned in the wilderness of our afflictions, we were joined in our tent by three curtain climbers the origin of which is unknown/questionable.  Yea, verily, we have sought to daily feed and clothe these children in a manner befitting to their station in life.  Yea, our joy is more full because of them.  Behold, they do ofttimes walk the path of least resistance.

And now, I, Marilyn, do cease to make a record of my days thus far.  Behold, my days prove to be interesting and varied.  Oh, but my soul yearneth to leave this wilderness which hath so long afflicted myself and the ivory- tinkling head of our tent.   My soul doth yearn to enter the kingdom of Suburbia and door-to-door salesmen.  But I do sin in my wish, for I ought to be content.  Yea, I AM content in many things, but my soul still doth long for a microwave.  And my soul still doth cry into the night for a graven washer and dryer to worship.  Nevertheless, the strains of Ludwig, Wolfie, Franz, and Frederic do accompany me into the night, and my soul swelleth....but I still wantest a Macintosh.

(note:  This was cutting edge technology--copying images, pasting, drawing on a computer, wrapping text.  Actually, this document is a bit of a historical relic!  You're welcome.)


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