My Story--written in 1968

My story begins on an April 15th morning at 3:30 in the year 1953.  My father took my mother to the hospital in Nampa, ID, even though at the time we were living in Marsing.  The story goes that smudge pots filled the orchards along the road because the temperatures had dropped.  I was born in Mercy Hospital and as such received a good Catholic sprinkling of water--a little baptism of sorts.   I was welcomed home by two sisters and a brother--Nancy (10), John (7), and Norma (4).

At an early age, I moved with my family to Vale, OR, where my father had purchased a fairly good-sized farm.  At about 4, I moved again to Medford, OR, near the coast.  Here my father was employed by the Soil Conservation Service.  One year later, we returned to Vale where we farmed until I turned six.  We then moved to Malad, ID, where my father began working again for the government--a job he still holds.

Here I attended the first, second and third grades.  I made friends easily and loved being a free kid.  After the school year ended after the third grade, we moved to Arco, ID, a little out-of-the-way place near the Atomic Reactor Testing Center.  I also made the best friend that I now still have, Gail Anderson.  We were as close as two people can be.  It nearly broke each of our hearts when I left.

In the spring of 1964, hepatitis was going around our school.  I contracted it and was bed-ridden for four months.  It was during this time that my sister Nancy was married to Douglas George Williams.  We also moved to Montpelier, ID, where I now reside.

In the spring of 1967, we began construction on a new home.  We moved in on January 8, 1968.

My brother served a German mission in the years 1966-1967.

Nancy has had three children.  In 1965, Brian Douglas was born.  In 1966, Steven Michael was born.  On November 19, 1967, Brian was killed in an automobile accident in Emigration Canyon near here.  On July 19, 1968, a stillborn baby was born to my sister.  Now all that we have is Steven.

I like to participate in all kinds of sports except basketball.  I am learning to swim better as I have never been too hot of a swimmer.  I love to read and read poetry.  Sometimes I like to read and write my own stories and poems.

I like to cook when I am in the mood for it.  I even like to study occasionally.  My favorite thing about summer is MIA camp and hiking.  I love to build fires and cook over them.  I am looking to complete my fourth year of Campcrafter activities this summer at Camp Little Lemhi.

My favorite subject in school is Seminary with English running a close second.  I especially enjoyed P.E. this year.

My ambition is nursing.  I plan to attend BYU and major in nursing and maybe minor in home  economics.  Currently I belong the Pep Club, Future Teachers of America, Future Homemakers of America, and Future Nurses of America.  I like the last two the most.

I love MIA and am doing some genealogy now that I am growing to love.  I love Sunday School and enjoy the teacher, Jay Ashton, very much.

I love music, but I am not talented in this field, although I would like very much to be.



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