A Note to the Reader

A note to the reader:  This has been written as a gift to my three children.  I wrote it with the intention that it would present a comprehensive picture of the first 65 years of my life, and as such I have included the good, the bad, the ugly, the sublime—all to be sorted and read for entertainment and hopefully enlightenment.  Oh, that I had such a book from my own mother. Some parts may be raw and difficult to read.  Others may contain surprises.  Perhaps some will provide insight.  I, the author, can only write it as I lived it—in retrospect.  I hope the years will have smoothed some of the sharp edges, added keener understanding, and most of all I hope I can do it all justice.

 This book is arranged chronologically by geographic location, for the most part, with a few separate subject headings   Pictures are placed throughout with a note about each contained under each.  I have included as many pictures as I could track down.  Notably, chapters on my teaching career, my China years, and my travels have been minimized.  They will appear in a separate book in the future.

"I was not abused, abandoned, or locked up as a child.  My parents were not alcoholics,
 nor were they ever divorced or dead.  We did not live in poverty or misery
or in an exotic country.  I am not a misunderstood genius, 
a former child celebrity, or the child of a celebrity.  I am not a drug
addict, sex addict, food addict, or recovered anything.  If I indeed had a past life,
I have no recollection of who I was.
I have not survived against all odds.  I have not lived to tell.  I have not witnessed
the extraordinary.  This is my story."

--Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

(Vale, Oregon--1958)


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