This is my 23andMe ancestry composition followed by my parents'. I find it odd that my mother has quite a much higher Chinese/East_Asian percentage than do I after phasing. Other than that the parent to child division of admixture percentage for the other reference populations seem to correlate well with each other. The Euro/Spanish is probably the result of Spain's 333 year rule over the Philippines. The South Asian makes sense as well as deriving from India's influence upon Southeast Asia through trade and cultural/religious influences causing a genetic imprint upon the Philippines. I've seen Indonesian results as well and they usually score even higher on the South Asian component than do Filipinos; I expect this to be the case for Malaysians, Thais, and Cambodians as well as they score higher Indian admixture than do Filipinos on 23andMe and on academic genetic studies. I think the Middle_Eastern/North_African component is something that comes along with the Iberian. 23andMe is a very genealogically relevant test taking into account the past 500 years or so; so if one is a Filipino I think they probably won't score much Chinese admixture on the test if they don't have recent Chinese ancestry within the past 500 years. But overall I really find the 23andMe product very worthy of its price tag for Filipinos or even anyone looking to find out what their genetics is composed of.
My composition:
Dad's composition:
Mom's composition:


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