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West Caldwell, New Jersey

During the summer of 1988, Chris was invited to return to the Gina Bachauer Piano Competition as a guest/former winner.  While there he met a lady from Clifton, New Jersey, named Eleanor.  She encouraged him to move to New Jersey and teach out of her studio.  We were thrilled at these prospects!  New Jersey and the New York City area held great allure for me!  We poured over maps and discussed all the opportunities we would have there at length.  At last things were looking up for us!  Chris left at the end of November to go ahead of us and prepare the way and begin teaching.  
We discovered that a painting Chris' Grandfather Giles had been given which we had in our possession was worth $3,000, so we sold it to make the move.  The artist was James Harwood, the first Utah painter to be accepted into a Paris salon.  My research shows that he was the head of the art department at the University of Utah at the same that Chris' grandfather was heading the music department.  They mus…

No Sweat

Back in the late 80's me and mine found ourselves transported to a galaxy far far away in New Jersey.  It didn't take long for things to completely unravel, and unravel they did. My goodness, I could really spin you some tails about THAT, but I shan't. In an attempt to stick a finger in that dike, I ended up doing all manner of odd jobs--temp jobs. One of the more fun ones took me to a Japanese company that made counterfeit money detecting machines a long walk from our home. I worked with a spicy little gutsy Thai woman, Nancy, and when that temp job dried up, she put me in touch with a couple of men's shirt designers she knew in the garment district of Manhattan. Joyce and Pierre were an interesting mix. She was a former Chicago Playboy Club bunny, and Pierre (as you may have guessed) was straight from France. Together they designed and sold quite upscale men's shirts. I caught the bus into the city at a deli just down from where we lived in NJ at the time. That b…

Pleasant Grove

Pleasant Grove, Utah, was a relatively short uneventful chapter in our story.  Lest you assume we skipped off through a picket fence picking flowers as we entered our cozy bungalow, it wasn't anything quite like that!  We rented a comfortable little brick home with the help of our friends Jim and Billie Fedor who lived in Pleasant Grove--they were the reason we landed in Pleasant Grove when we made the exodus out of Indiana.  As the reader may recall (Don't skip that Bloomington chapter!), we returned to Utah hopeful to find a position in which Chris could teach piano.  That didn't materialze.
Chris was making pizzas in American Fork, and I was doing some free-lance editing for a local publishing company and the Freeman Institute for whom I had briefly worked in Provo.   I proofed a very extensive book on midwifery which took quite a few weeks.  We planted a gigantic garden and hoped for a bounteous return, but some dogs got into it and ruined it. Our children were growing …


(My parents served a mission at the Deseret Ranch in Florida)
(Chad's Rainbow grand opening)
(with Sue and Deborah Luna)

(with part of the neighborhood gang--Kevin, Cassidy, Katie)
(Fourth of July downtown)
(Marjo played a key role in our Texas years.)
(Heather pulled me out of so many scrapes. She sent
me a healthy comfrey from her garden just last summer.  I
hope it comes up again next year in mine.)
Tag's 4th birthday party--Eric came as a clown!)

(Marjo's master's recital, University of Texas)
(Christmas at Mom Harrell's)
(on Town Lake.  We ran right out and got this when the I.R.S. sent us a tax return!  It was so much fun, but then they wrote and said it was all a mistake.  I can't remember how we resolved that or what happened to the raft.)
Dallas Temple with ward members)

Provo, Utah

After we got married we lived in three apartments in four months.  The last one was a place I had cleaned with Rent-A-Teen, and I knew it was the one for us.  It cost $100 a month and was a duplex which we shared with a free-spirited couple from back east.  They had moved to Provo on a lark, but the culture proved too overpowering for them and they left.  We enjoyed them.  They thought I should be drinking wine during my pregnancy and were quite unrelenting.  Sue and Tom.  We later found out that our landlords were Doug's aunt and uncle, and the house was his grandmother's!!  It had a big front porch and an old upright Victrola with some great old records.  We lived there comfortably until we left Provo.  Fate smiled on us when a mission friend, Willene, and her new husband Jack moved in next door.  Jack and Chris fished together. They became our best best friends; I talked to Willie just yesterday.  Shelly learned to toddle over there and ask for crackers!
I was pregnant that …